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International Journal of Agricultural and Applied Sciences, December 2020, 1(2): 1-15

ISSN: 2582-8053


Review Article 


Water Systems Strategy Relation with Horticultural Crops

Attia El Gayar

Soil, Water and Environmental Research Institute (SWERI), Agriculture Research Centre (ARC), Giza, Egypt

Corresponding author e-mail: attiaelgayar@yahoo.com

(Received: 01/07/2020;  Revised: 20/07/2020; Accepted: 30/07/2020)  



Integrated water management means putting all the pieces together. Social, environmental, and technical aspects must be taken into consideration. Issues of concern include: providing forums; Reshaping planning processes; Coordination of land and water resources management; Identify the links between water sources and water quality; Develop protocols for integrated watershed management; Addressing institutional challenges; Protecting and restoring natural systems; Reformulation of existing projects; Knowing the views of society; Clarify education and communication risks; Technology standardization and policy; Form partnerships and emphasize preventive measures. The highest priority for water resource management is to increase the demand for water with limited water resources. Water resources are the foundation for sustainable development, so a sustainable approach must be based on the use and management of water resources. In the twenty-first century, the world faces a major water crisis. The problems stem from errors in the management of water resources. Consequently, the sustainable use of water resources is crucial for humanity. Sustainable development is defined as the goals of supply and today’s needs without jeopardizing the goals and requirements of future generations. Long-term goals should be considered instead of short-term goals in assessing water resources. This approach forms the idea of ​​integrated water resource management for horticultural crops. This paper describes the evolution of water use in relation to productivity, how irrigation systems have developed and managed, and a strategy to explore challenges and opportunities for water conservation in horticulture crops.

Keywords: Water Resources Management, Sustainability, Horticultural Crops, Integrated Management strategy.