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International Journal of Agricultural and Applied Sciences, December 2020, 1(2): 106-108

ISSN: 2582-8053


Short Communication  


Food plants and temperature dependent mortality of Aphis craccivora (Hemiptera: Aphididae)


Rakhshan and Md. Equbal Ahmad

Aphid Systematics and Biocontrol Laboratory, Department of Zoology, T. M. Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur, India

Corresponding author e-mail: rakhshankalim@gmail.com

(Received: 10/11/2020; Revised: 03/12/2020; Accepted: 09/12/2020)  


Aphis craccivora (Hemiptera: Aphididae) is a serious polyphagous pest on several agricultural plants in North East Bihar. Economically important four host plants viz., Phaseolus sinensis, Lablab purpureus, Vigna radiate, and Vigna mungo were used in the experiment. During the experiment, food plant and temperature-dependent mortality was found in A. craccivora. The highest mortality of A. craccivora was recorded on V. mungo (17.54%) followed by V. radiata (11.52%), L. purpureus (6.27%) and P. sinensis (4.18%) during November. Similarly, highest mortality was also recorded on V. mungo when studied during December, January, and February respectively. However, the effect of temperature was also recorded significantly. The highest and lowest mortality of A. craccivora was recorded 49.31% at (9.24±0.703 ºC) and 17.54% at (19.96±0.13 ºC) on V. mungo respectively. The significant variation was recorded when reared on different food plants in different months (F1=24.15, F2=29.72; P< 0.05). The highest mortality of A. craccivora shows the unsuitability of food plants and environmental factors. 

Keywords: Aphis craccivora, Mortality, Food plants, Temperature, Humidity