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International Journal of Agricultural and Applied Sciences, June 2021, 2(1):137-140 

ISSN: 2582-8053


Short Communication


New record of Humbertium proserpina (Humbert, 1862) from Tenkasi district, Tamil Nadu, India


Selvaraj Selvamurugan1, Usha Balasubramanian2 and K. Vasanthi3

1Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree breeding, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

2,3Sri Parasakthi College for Women, Courtallam, Tamil Nadu, India

Corresponding author e-mail: selva199420@yahoo.in

(Received: 12/10/2020; Revised: 10/03/2021; Accepted: 05/06/2021)  



Species of genus Humbertium (Land planarian) are widely distributed in Southeast Asia, around greenhouses and gardens. However, taxonomy and cytogenetic data in this genus are restricted to a few species. Present report of hammerhead snake worm recorded from five falls in Courtallam, Tenkasi district, Tamil Nadu, India.Species was identified based on the photographs. This the first record of species from the Western Ghats in Tenkasi district of Tamil Nadu, India. 

Keywords: Humbertium proserpina, New Record, Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu.