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International Journal of Agricultural and Applied Sciences, December 2021, 2(2):103-113

ISSN: 2582-8053


Research Article


Partial substitution of maize mineral fertilization with some organic and bio-fertilizers


Huda M. M. Elmasry

Soils, Water and Environment Research Institute, Agriculture Research Center, El-Giza, Egypt.

Corresponding author e-mail: hudaelmasry2006@yahoo.com

(Received: 12/07/2021; Revised: 11/11/2021; Accepted: 20/11/2021)



During the 2019 and 2020 summer seasons, field experiments were conducted at Shandaweel Agricultural Research Station in Sohag Governorate, Egypt, to investigate the effect of some organic and bio-fertilizers as partial N-fertilizer substitutes and their impact on yield components, N, P, K, carbohydrate and protein for the T.W.C.- 310 maize cultivar. A Randomized complete block design with three replications was used as the split-plot design. The applications of five treatments (control, K-humate, vinasse, bio-fertilizer, and vinasse + bio-fertilizer) were assigned to sub-plots, whereas nitrogen levels were assigned to the main plots. The results indicated that raising N-fertilizer doses from 90 to 120 kg N/fed. resulted in a considerable increase in all parameters under study. Vinasse treatment under application of N-fertilizer had a significant effect on plant height, leaf area, protein, carbohydrates, NP- content in grain and leaves, grain k- content, yield, and its components, then the treatments of K- humate, bio-fertilizer, or vinasse + bio-fertilizer, in both seasons. K- humate, vinasse, bio-fertilizer, and vinasse + bio-fertilizer are under application of 90 kg N/fed. caused a significant increase in most traits than those obtained under the recommended doses of N-fertilizer (120 kg N/fed.) without adding organic or bio-fertilizer, in both seasons. Therefore, under conditions of the present work, sowing of maize hybrid (T.W.C.- 310) with the application of 90 kg N/fed. combined with vinasse can be recommended to get the maximum grain yield and reduce the amount of chemical nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture.

Keywords: Bio-fertilizer, K- humate, Nitrogen fertilizer, Vinasse, Yield, Zea mays.