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International Journal of Agricultural and Applied Sciences, December 2021, 2(2):8-13

ISSN: 2582-8053


Review Article


Organic pollutants in wastewater and its remediation approaches using graphene adsorbent


Krishna Rawat

SESD, Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Corresponding author e-mail: evskrishna@gmail.com

(Received: 19/05/2021; Revised: 10/09/2021; Accepted: 20/10/2021)



The release of contaminants/pollutants in an environment above permissible limits has been a matter of concern since the past. They are a prime source of environmental pollution and cause health issues to the general public and other living creatures. In the same series, organic pollutants are serious concern to the surrounding site of release, among them persistent organic pollutants are more threatening to our environment. Organic pollutants contaminate the surrounding where they are released, thus their remediation is of prime importance to save our environment and assure health to living being. Therefore, this paper attempts to bring forward the organic pollutants in wastewater and highlights the possible remediation approaches that can be adopted to assure a healthy environment.

Keywords: Organic pollutants, contamination, remediation, persistent organic pollutants.