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CrossMark Policy

CrossMark is a multi-publisher initiative to provide a standard way for readers to locate the authoritative version of an article or other published content. By applying the CrossMark logo, International Journal of Agricultural and Applied Sciences (IJAAS) is committing to maintaining the content it publishes and to alerting readers to changes if and when they occur.

Clicking the CrossMark logo on a document will tell you its current status and may also give you additional publication-record information about the document.

The International Journal of Agricultural and Applied Sciences (IJAAS) content that will have the CrossMark logo is restricted to current and future journal content and is limited to specific publication types.

For more information on CrossMark, please visit the CrossMark site.

The content of the journal having Cross Mark logo is meant for restricted use only and limited to specific publication types.

Correction and Retraction Policies

The journal is committed to uphold the integrity of the published literature and publishes Errata ( if required), Expressions of Concerns or Retraction Notices depending upon case sensitiveness and in accordance with the COPE Retraction Guidelines. In all cases, these notices are linked to the original article.

More information can be found on the Journals policies page.

CrossMark Policy Page DOI: 10.52804/ijaas.crossmarkpolicy