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International Journal of Agricultural and Applied Sciences

[Biannual Peer Reviewed International Journal of Agricultural And Applied Sciences]

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Online ISSN (E): 2582-8053
IJAAS Volume 4[2]  December, 2023

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IJAAS-336.Strengthening postharvest technology development and improvement through feedback

Adegbola, J.A., Owojaiye, O.B., Ogunremi, O.B., Aina, O.B., Achime, K.C. and Pessu, P.O.

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.421

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IJAAS-338.Morphological characterization and selection of early maturing Brassica napus accessions

Humera Razzaq, Hamza Nawaz and Ansar Abbas

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.422

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IJAAS-340.Digitaria species (Acha): panacea for malnutrition and food insecurity in Nigeria

Rukayat Queen Adegbola; Grace O. Otitodun; Medinat O. Jimoh; Okparavero, N. F.; Okunlade A.F.; Ishola, T.D.; Aaron Y. Isaac; Haruna P.B.; Dada A. Olarenwaju and Adegbola J. Adetayo

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.423

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IJAAS-341.Study of heterosis for agronomic, yield and fiber quality traits in cotton under the irrigated condition of Middle Awash, Ethiopia

Donis Gurmessa, Merdasa Balcha, Bedane Gudeta, Samuel Damtew and Arkebe Gebregziabher

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.424

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IJAAS-343.Effect of zinc and boron foliar application on tomato growth and yield under protected structure

Dhurba Banjade, Dipak Khanal and Aman Shrestha

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.425

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IJAAS-345.Biotic and Abiotic Stress Management under Climate Change in Sericulture

Kahkashan Qayoom, Shaista Manzoor, Aroos Rauf Rafiqui and Omais Bin Ayoub

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.426

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IJAAS-348. Diversity of Butterflies (Insecta: Lepidoptera) in Kasur district, Punjab, Pakistan

Muhammad Amir Sial

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.427

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IJAAS-349.The Effects of Climate Change on the Future of Citrus Growth in the Mediterranean Region Change

İbrahim Ortaş

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.428

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IJAAS-351.Unveiling the Alchemical Nexus: Exploring the Profound Interplay between Terrace Gardening, Indoor Gardening, and Human Biochemistry

Sheetanshu Gupta and Wajid Hasan

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.429

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IJAAS-354.Heterosis and Combining Ability Analysis in Sunflower Through Line × Tester Breeding Scheme

Humera Razzaq, Talha Hafeez and Ahsan Ali

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.4210

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IJAAS-357.Impact of delaying harvesting dates for sugar beet varieties under recent environmental changes

Dalia Ibrahim El-Geddawy, Karam Abd El-Sadek Abd Elsalam and Ibrahim Abd ElBaki Abd Elateef

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.4211

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IJAAS-358.Study of Microbial changes in tea bags prepared from mango and guava leaves during storage

Kavita Verma, Anisha Verma and Neeru Bala

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.4212

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IJAAS-360.The efficacy of clove oil to manage Varroa destructor and Apocephalus borealis, in Apis mellifera L. colony

Amber Rana, Nitin Singh and Barish E. James

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.4213

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IJAAS-363.Pig farming profitability and constraints in smallholder households in Rwanda: a case study of Musanze district

Gaspard Ntabakirabose, Félicien Ndaruhutse, Jean Pierre Mpatswenumugabo and Marie Jose Dusengimana

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.4214

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IJAAS-365.Skipper butterflies (Hesperiidae: Lepidoptera) common to Sulawesi (Indonesia) and India, with their host plants

Akhlaq Husain and Wajid Hasan

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.4215

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IJAAS-367.Quantitative Assessment of Macrophytes Diversity and their Status in Wetlands of Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh (India)

Abhishek Maitry, Shishir Chandrakar, Animesh Shukla and Aishwarya Chandra

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.4216

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IJAAS-369.A current and annotated inventory of the faunal diversity found on the Anna University campus in Tamil Nadu, India

Suruliyandi Vijayan* and Sankarappan Anbalagan

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.4217

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IJAAS-375.Impact of climate change on ecology and biodiversity of Africa- a review


DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.4218

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IJAAS-376.Radiation processing of dried Ker (Capparis deciduas): Effect on microbial safety and nutritional quality

Priyanka Joshi, N.S. Nathawat and Brij Gopal Chhipa

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.4219

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IJAAS-379.Agri-Tech Revolution in Agribusiness: Harnessing Technology for Sustainable Growth

Roopal Gangwar and R.S. Jadoun

DOI url: https://doi.org/10.52804/ijaas2023.4220

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